Friday, May 20, 2016

Daily Update: Friday, May 20

We got our course evaluations today, and I was really happy. Of course, it's just a random thing, since barely 2/3 of the students fill them out... but still: the ratings were super-positive, so that made me happy! And I also got some ideas about how to help with the workload: I'm going to create customized/customizable Google Calendars instead of just sending people back schedules in the email (that might help!), and I'm also thinking of spelling out much more clearly how interchangeable things are: no need to do a story every week, just one chunk of reading is enough, etc.

But anyway, happy evaluations: it made me feel like the hard work of this year (and I did work really hard this year) led to good results for the students!

And the best thing would be if one of them won the iPad! I wonder when the drawing will be...

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