Friday, April 15, 2016

Daily Update: Friday, April 15

So I want to participate in one of the VirtuallyConnecting hangouts (finally!), and I am hoping that using the new Chromebook for that will be less stressful; my poor Mac desktop is really just not reliable and I've had trouble with not being able to get the audio and/or video to pick up (I'm using all old handmedowns there from husband, and I really don't know very much about troubleshooting hardware). So I bought a new headset/mic to use with my Chromebook: so easy! USB: you just plug it in! I tested it by typing in GoogleDocs, by making a Soundcloud recording, and then I used the built in camera plus headset/mic to do a test Google hangout and everything worked. So, I am happy with this. The VC hangout is on Tuesday: I hope it will go well! Lots of nice people to meet "in person" online. :-)

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