Sunday, February 14, 2016

Daily Updates: Sunday, February 14

I missed WalkMyWorld last weekend, so I was glad I got a chance to do the prompt this time. The one I missed last week was shape of stories, but I've worked on that a lot (the Vonnegut shape of stories infographic is a must-share in my classes), although I had never thought about doing my own story's shape. I've posted this in the WalkMyWorld Collection at Google+. Here's what I wrote in my post:
In general, I'm skeptical about Big Data and numerification of the soft world, but for the shape of my story which is #LE4 for #WalkMyWorld I thought I would do numbers... admittedly not very granular... as a kind of overall "rate my life" back to around when I was 10 years old since that is the first part of my life I really remember, the "me" that feels connected to the now. And, yep, I had a lot of unhappy times, including a couple of notable plunges into the abyss (I saw a therapist the first two times, and the third time I knew how to take care of myself, thank goodness), but the chart shows a very happy later adult life compared to all the ups-and-downs that went on before. And then when I played around with the exponential trend lines that GoogleSheets lets you add to a graph, that made things look even nicer: I guess it all depends on what kind of formula you want to apply! What that exponential trendline says to me is that plunges into the abyss are temporary... they don't even break my trend. I need to remember that if there is another plunge sometime in the future. So, yes, I was on a somewhat downward trend through adolescence, but things were looking up in my young adulthood, and even though there were some plunges into the abyss during those years, it was always getting better... even if I could not visualize that exponential trendline as a kind of promise that things were on the way up! So there's my life: 40 years of it anyway. I don't really believe in predictive trends, although it's nice to think that the exponential trendline wants to make me even happier in the future. But I'll settle for what I've got now; it's plenty good enough. :-)

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