Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Daily Updates: Wednesday, December 30

Today was a lively one: although I was not happy about spending time thinking about Canvas (ugh, LMS, not my favorite thing to do), a Twitter convo happened with Matt Crosslin that prompted me to do a follow-up on that post from yesterday with more specific comments about Canvas... and Jared Stein then left a comment on the first post! That really impressed me, just as I was so impressed last year when Brian Whitmer left comments on the LMS post I wrote to chime in with Michael's "LMS Dammit" post. So, that made me really happy: I set a time limit on writing the post to start with and stuck to that time limit... and then having Jared say he had shared the ideas back with Canvas people made me feel like that was worthwhile after all! I LOVE PUBLIC DISCUSSIONS. You never know what might come of them!

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