Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Daily Updates: Tuesday, December 1

Working on projects at work today... so, the usual workday although these additional fun things happened:
  • My Indian Epics course was approved as a Language Arts elective for an Education major; I am really happy about that! Will follow up with the Lang. Arts. Ed. prof. by email tomorrow.
  • Laura Ritchie's book on "Fostering Self-Efficacy" arrived... I can read it and write the review this weekend! (It's not too long — appx. 150 pages, so that's doable.)
  • OU Academic Text Expo PRE-Expo Workshop on Twitter was accepted after all (I figured it had been rejected when I hadn't heard anything). I'll get to coordinate that with Kevin Buck, which is super; he is really nice to work with. More on that tomorrow.
  • I checked the course rosters for Spring; 3 people had dropped, so I was able to add 3 people from the waiting list: whoo-hoo!
  • I got to propose a workshop idea for VCU AltFest, and it was happily received. I am going to have so much fun with this!!! Here's the proposal:
Infinite Possibilities: (Re)Designing with an Emphasis on Student Choice
When you let student choices drive your courses, all kinds of good things happen. Students who make their own choices are more engaged, and in turn they are able to learn more from each other while also giving you valuable insights into your course content and activities. In this workshop, we'll brainstorm strategies for building more student choice into your courses, with a focus on digital tools and spaces that can promote that freedom of choice. Online libraries, open-ended assignments, randomizers, creative challenges: the possibilities really are infinite! So, bring your course syllabus and class assignments, and we can tinker together to see how student choice could take your existing classes in exciting new directions.

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