Monday, December 21, 2015

Daily Updates: Monday, December 21

Well, one of the things that happened at the end of the semester was that my daily routine really crashed! Since so much of my daily routine is driven by my classes, it just collapsed when the semester ended... even though there are plenty of things I want to keep up with on a routine basis over the break. I've got blogs, projects, all kinds of things.

So, I built myself a "Reminder" spreadsheet that uses a color-coding/text formula to tell me when I should be doing something, based on how many days it's been since I last did it. Some things I want to do every day and really SHOULD do every day; other things I'd like to do every day but if I miss a day, that's okay; likewise, there are things I want to do every other day, but if I miss a day, that's okay — and then there are the weekly things. For parts of my life that really are a habit now (like walking every day), I don't need a reminder, but for other things that are less easily "routinized," I really need reminders.

And now the new spreadsheet is all ready to go, with the class-related stuff suspended until classes start again. I enjoyed having a totally carefree week... but I'm glad to get back into more of a routine now. I am a creature of daily and weekly routines, which I think is why I had always liked blogging. So, when I post this post and update the spreadsheet, the last of the reminders of what I need to do today will vanish: whoo-hoo!

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