Friday, November 27, 2015

Daily Updates: Friday, November 27

It's the day after Thanksgiving and I've got... a cold. Blech. So I am just working on stuff I really enjoy today. And drinking lots of fluids. And in the spirit of a transformation (when I travel and come home, it always feels transformation somehow!), I decided to start keep daily updates here at this blog.
  • I worked on editing a Wikipedia article — Gajendra Moksha — because I wanted to use it as an UnTextbook story.
  • I did a massive Inoreader clean-up so that I can do a better job of getting out growth mindset materials: by creating a folder containing both Twitter and Google+ #GrowthMindset searches, I've got lots I can harvest from. Inoreader automatically assigns a tag "mindset" to items in that folder, which I can then remove as I work my way through the heap.
  • I started thinking about VCUAltFest workshop, and I'm pondering this: A Digital World Where Students Choose. I'd like to explore the different pedagogy and course design approaches that support student choice.
  • I updated the Growth Mindset cats spreadsheet (up through November 26). There are not enough new items to justify doing a new randomized widget, but there will be soon! 
  • I set up a Pinboard for bookmarking Growth Mindset and HEART-related materials. My Diigo is such a mess, so I wanted to try using a new space on the optimistic assumption I will be sharing these resources with others.
  • I started the Learning by H.E.A.R.T. blog that I want to introduce as a new experiment in my classes for Spring (the Curation challenge did not go well, but I am going to fold curation into the Attention category here, and come up with lots more challenges also).
Here's one of the nice graphics I snagged thanks to Inoreader clean-up:


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